Private/Permissioned Nodes

Turn-key Private Blockchain Network

Cipher Protocol is providing a turn-key Private/Permissioned/Standalone blockchain network which can be readily integrated by any enterprise. Since it’s built with Substrate, this network can be integrated into any Polkadot/Substrate based Layer 1 network to serve as a secondary chain.

This turn-key network intends to abstract the implementation complexity for businesses, as well as providing a ready-made package to optimize for a higher level of security, privacy, and performance, and to serve as a template or base-implementation of a highly customizable and performant enterprise specific blockchain network.

Furthermore, any network built from or derived from this project will also be able to use derivative assets to represent real-world value transfers on-chain (e.g. micropayments, discount vouchers, loyalty points, etc), as well as being able to programatically issue these assets between user and application wallets.

Below we have the overview of all the key features that this project will support:

  • A set of turn-key substrate based packaging and tools that simplifies the customization, configuration, testing, and deployment of such a blockchain network.

  • Pre-built solutions to create/assign/transfer derivative assets in business to consumer use cases.

  • Pre-configured and optimized for feeless transactions and performance.

  • Creation of custom derivative assets and automate the transfer to/from user wallets to app wallets by any/app brand.

  • Optimization of batch user onboarding and transaction processing for higher throughput situations needed for consumer apps/sites.