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Cipher Protocol is a high performance blockchain specializing in decentralized identity and data.

Cipher Protocol is a high performance, public blockchain built with Substrate specializing in decentralized identity and data. Cipher Protocol’s next-gen infrastructure supports versatile cross-chain collaboration and layer-2 scalability, offering businesses the flexibility to design a blockchain that fits their specific needs. With an assortment of decentralized identity and data sharing protocols to enhance speed, security, and trust, Cipher Protocol’s features include Cipher ID, a mobile digital ID application and Decentralized digital identity (DID) used throughout the ecosystem, and DDXP, a decentralized data exchange and collaboration protocol.

Cipher DDXP

DDXP (Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol) is a decentralized data exchange and collaboration protocol. DDXP allows for the tokenization of data, data traceability, and cross-system data processing.

Cipher ODM

Cipher Open Data Marketplace is designed to allow individuals and organizations to monetize and acquire data in a trusted, standardized, and cost-effective way.

Cipher ID

Decentralized identity protocol that helps users manage their own data and enables blockchain-based multi-dimensional authentication provided by global verifiers.

Cipher DAO

CipherDAO is a credit-based, cross-chain DeFi lending platform. It’s decentralized governance model and risk control mechanism aim to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between borrowers, creditors, and guarantors.

Cipher Wallet

Cipher Wallet, CipherProxy’s self-sovereign data wallet, is a one-stop mobile application for the management of your digital identity, data, and assets, giving users the power to control the value of their data.


Did you know?

Cipher Protocol will leverage the best of Polkadot.

Polkadot enables forkless upgrades, allowing blockchains to evolve and adapt easily as better technology becomes available. Its unique design gives projects more possibilities for innovation and flexible iteration than was ever possible in previous networks.

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